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Professional Land Surveying company serving the greater Dallas / Ft. Worth area

Accurate and Complete 

Founded in 2009, with over 200 years of combined experience, Texas Heritage Surveying LLC proudly provides the highest quality in land surveying services across North Texas.  Texas Heritage Surveying LLC is known by its clients as a company that they can count on for accurate complete land surveying, complemented with fast service and fair pricing.

Get your next survey archived on a free thumb drive.   Comes with pictures of the property too!

Service Oriented

We believe success is founded in our service. 
We work hard to create a superior service oriented relationship with our clients.  We 
want our customers to expect the best from 
Texas Heritage Surveying. We will also provide 
a written bid for surveys that are larger than a 
normal lot/block residential project. The 
written estimate will include a deadline of completion and the total cost of our surveying service on the particular project you’ve requested.